The boy who became King (alternative version)

The boy who became King (alternative version)

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Anônimo said:
Michael was virgin? is that true he never have sex?



r u srs…

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babyyyyy! I think in six months I’ll travel to California because my college is giving many opportunities for English students. If I wouldn’t have chance to go where you are, you’ll have to go to California.

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when in the hell, are you coming to visit me???? waitiing

Omg Nakiraaa! I don’t know babe, maybe when I finish college and get enough money to travel to PR. But if I get money before that, I’ll surely visit you. I promise ♥

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"There were many hours of makeup that had to be applied for Michael’s transformations, and during that time, he was very relaxed, even if he was limited in his movement. The only way he could drink was through a straw. But I’ve never seen anybody be more patient and calm under stress, but he could not have been comfortable." — Douglas Kirkland, the making of ‘Thriller’

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Anônimo said:
why are you so quiet today? I love reading your tags but you didn't say anything today..

That’s wonderfull to know that some ppl read my tags, thank you. I don’t know, I don’t want to say anything. I’m just feeling like shit bc I had a stressful shitty day. But thank you for caring.

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